Crusade is a non-linear megamusical. Its focus is on visual presentation and spectacle as opposed to storyline and plot. In a concept musical, a form that began with Kurt Weill and Betrolt Brecht in the 30’s, we’re more interested in character development and theme.
In the 70’s, the concept musical morphed into the megamusical. Examples of this are Hal Prince’s “Company” and “Evita”. “Company” was concept, Evita was megamusical with the focus on spectacle. So basically, “Crusade” is about the latter, focused on spectacular staging, choreography, and the“look” of the piece.
“Crusade” is also a metaphor for child abuse. Today children as young as 7 are given guns and told to kill people. One reason I wrote “The Children’s Crusade” was to honor the thousands of boys and girls who, in 1212, marched over the alps, some in bare feet, to reach the port of Marseilles with the hope of making it to Jerusalem. Instead they drowned or were sold into slavery.
I’m uniting with several organizations that fight child abuse to sponsor the show. Examples: Destiny Rescue, Usa; The Child Labor Coalition, and Spare The Children. When we have a successful production, I plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to these organizations.